Greg LaCosseGreg LaCosse

A transplanted Arizona native, Greg grew up on the infamous Chicago south side (he knew Bad Leroy Brown). As a self-proclaimed misplaced cowboy, he dreamed of the old west, and longed for the day he could pack his bags, find a good horse and head for the western sunset.

In the mid 1960ís he began his music career performing with blues and rock bands then forming one of Chicagoís first country rock bands. Though the band was critically acclaimed, this type of music was not widely appreciated by the local blues and soul community. In 1969 he embarked on a solo career and became part of the Chicago folk music scene.

Still longing to live and become part of the west, he left Chicago in 1976 for Arizona and immediately immersed himself and his music in the western lifestyle, history and heritage.

An avid horseman and outdoorsman, and along with his trusty quarter horse "Bob," Greg has ridden and explored many of Arizonaís historic trails and locations.

His repertoire consists of ballads and tall tales of his native Chicago, Railroads, the Old West and a few Irish ditties.

Many of his songs have a very distinctive Irish twang understandably picked up from performing in many of the Chicago Irish pubs. It also works well with many of his country and railroad songs as many of the early railroad, cowboy and western songs evolved out songs from Ireland brought by immigrant Irish ranch hands and railroad workers.

Greg is currently a regular performer in the Phoenix area as well as many music festivals and venues in the state.

CDís are coming, so keeps your eyes and ears open!